Flying on a budget
is not a myth.

Welcome to The Budget Aviator, where you’ll
learn how to fly on a budget. Whether you’re
learning to fly or already a pilot, my mission
is to help you do it affordably.

Where To Start With The Budget Aviator

Affordably Enjoying the Freedom of Flight

I’m Matt. I’m a pilot and I’m not a millionaire. Having met a decent number of other non-millionaire pilots, I felt compelled to start a site dedicated to the rest of us. At The Budget Aviator, the focus is on always keeping things affordable.

That’s the goal, but there’s some good news and some bad news. As with anything, one man’s affordable is another man’s outrageous excess. Not everything here will be obtainable for every person, but I assure you this won’t be a site filled with the latest multi-million dollar twins and reviews of $750,000 dollar trainers.

But, what can you expect? The Budget Aviator will focus on a budget-minded cross-section of topics including:

  • Learning to fly on a budget (tips and tactics for making your money go further)
  • Affordable flying (how to enjoy your pilot certificate without breaking the bank)
  • Budget-minded flying gear (the best gear that doesn’t cost a fortune)
  • Buying a plane on a budget (and when buying makes sense)
  • Homebuilt and experimental aircraft (cutting-edge innovation without head-spinning costs)
  • Ultralights and Light Sport Aircraft (having fun and saving a bundle!)

There’s a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. One is a technician, the other is an artist in love with flight.

Elrey B. Jeppesen

You’ll find guides and posts here covering just about everything; from how to finish your private pilot training affordably, to the latest experimental and home-built aircraft developments, and even how sometimes buying a plane is budget-minded.

Just remember, the quickest way to please no one is to try to please everyone. While I’d love for you to read every post and guide, watch every video, and look intently at every picture, don’t expect absolutely everything to work for your budget or desires. The bottom line: my goal is to provide something for everyone, not everything for everyone.

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